Tuesday, May 29, 2007

ATI's Basic Display Driver + ATI Tray Tools = Freedom from Catalyst Control Center

This is a quick guide on how to remove the ATI Catalyst Control Center (CCC), improving system performance by freeing resources and in some case increasing system stability . This guide uses ATI's standard display drivers and ATI Tray Tools, and is intended for users of Windows XP.

1. In your Device manager, uninstall the driver for your ATI video card. Do not restart yet.
2. From the Device manager, uninstall the video card itself as well. Do not restart yet.
3. Open Add/Remove programs, and uninstall all of the ATI related drivers and Catalyst Control Center.
4. Download the newest standard display drivers from ATI (currently 7.4). Do not install yet!
5. Download ATI Tray Tools. Do not install yet!
6. Restart your computer, and Cancel any attempts by Windows to find your drivers.
7. Install the ATI standard display drivers and ATI tray tools. ATI Tray tools takes the place of the CCC, and allows you to control various video settings including Anti-aliasing and Anisotropic filtering.

Notes: I noticed a performance increase after following the above steps. To my knowledge, ATI Crossfire users must use Catalyst Control Center for that feature.

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